It’s time to go beyond ideas

Meet Brad


Brad’s passion for the power of creative innovation and collaboration to elevate humanity is captivating.

He is passionate, engaging and magnetic.

His revolutionary ideas leave his audience inspired to take action, with the knowledge and skills to do so.

Brad sows the seeds of growth and action into the hearts and minds of his audience leaving them ready to harvest and act upon their own big ideas.

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Who is Brad?

Meet Brad Twynham.
Speaker, Social Innovation Strategist, Influencer.

Game Changer, Disruptor, Entrepreneur.

Truth Seeker, Truth Speaker.

Idea Harvester. Action taker.

Kite-surfer. Real deal.

He is drive, determination and commitment in the flesh.

Meet Brad


Visionary. Trail-blazer. Founder. Social change agent.

Do you have an idea bursting to be launched?

What’s happening with your next big thing?

Does your company need an injection of innovation?

How do you solve the world’s problems while making a living?

Brad’s idea harvesting and rock-solid business success strategies can help you bring your dream to fruition, create new markets, raise capital and transform lives.

Go Beyond Ideas

Going beyond ideas with these new inspiring innovators

Brad has been a mentor, coach and partner through our journey to launch our business. He worked with us to expand our vision beyond what we thought possible and gave us the confidence and credibility to raise several hundreds of thousands of dollars to get our business idea off the ground. Without Brad’s creativity, ideation processes and knowledge we would probably still be thinking about our idea rather than launching a game changing
Brendan Axtel, Co-Founder Oddex & GiftPool

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